This is one of my favourite Acai Bowl blend, and it’s packed to the brim with nutrients. It tastes naughty, but is very far from it .. and a little like a cherry ripe – but more like a berry ripe! I am sure you would have heard or read about Acai and its extensive health benefits by now, but I will give you a quick run down on what it delivers. Acai is an ancient amazonian berry that is incredibly high in resveratrol, C3G, ferulic acid, delphinidin, petunidin, B vitamins, electrolytes, trace minerals and a huge amount of antioxidants – all of which aid in reducing inflammation, fighting off free radical damage, and improving energy levels & immunity.


1 Cup Hazelnut or Coconut Milk (or milk of your choice)
Chunk of Frozen Mango
1 Frozen Sachet Acai (unsweetened)
Small Handful Frozen Organic Blueberries
Small Handful Frozen Organic Raspberries
1 Tsp Chia Seeds
1 Tblsp Hemp Seeds
1 Tsp Mesquite Powder
1 Tbsp Cacao Nibs
Big Handful Organic Greens – Spinach works well
**If you would like to beef it up a bit – add a scoop of hemp or sprouted brown rice protein powder

1.  Add milk, berries and cacao powder to a blender and blend until combined.
2. Add remaining ingredients and blend gently. Spoon into a bowl, sprinkle with any toppings you fancy and enjoy!