Lemony Blueberry Cheesecake

Seeing as it is the weekend, I thought we would share a little treat with you .. It is overcast and rainy here today, so what better way to spend it than in the kitchen baking??!! This cheesecake is sugar free, gluten free and delicious – and made with homemade cream cheese (recipe for cream cheese at bottom).

700g Cream Cheese
100g Coconut Cream
2 Tblsp Organic Sour Cream
1 Large Egg
3 Small Scoops of Stevia (using powdered with the mini-spoon)
You can substitute stevia with either 1/2 Cup Rice Malt Syrup / Maple Syrup or sweetener of choice
1 1/2 Cups Almonds
1/2 Cup Pecans
1/2 Cup Macadamias
1/4 Cup Pistachios
1 Cup Dessicated or Shredded Coconut
120g Softened Organic Butter (you can substitute with coconut oil)
1 Cup Frozen Blueberries
Juice & Zest of Half an Organic Large Lemon

1. Preheat oven to 170 degrees. Blitz nuts in a food processor until almost a ‘nut meal’ (we like ours a little chunky & crunchy – you can blitz until totally processed and fine if you prefer).
2. Combine processed nut mix, dessicated coconut and butter (or oil) in a bowl and work together with your hands. Once the mixture is sticking, press into a cake tin to cover the bottom and sides. Place in oven for roughly 15 minutes – just keep an eye on it and take out once the edges start to turn golden.
3. Add the blueberries to a small pan on high heat, once bubbling lower heat to a simmer to allow the blueberries to become syrupy (you may need to add a dash of water). Once they are the desired consistency, remove from heat.
4. While the base is cooling, mix the cream cheese, coconut cream, sour cream, lemon & zest, stevia and egg together in a bowl. Try not to over mix, we don’t want to much air in the mixture.
5. Once the base is cool enough, pour half the creamy mixture in and spread evenly. Drizzle half of the blueberries & syrup across the top, then add the rest of the creamy mixture and repeat the same process.
6. Place in oven for 20-30 minutes (again, keep an eye on it – everyone’s ovens are different so will not all cook at the same speed). Once cooked, take out and sit it on a cooling rack. Store in an airtight container in the fridge.

Cream Cheese Recipe (thanks Sarah Wilson – IQS!):
This is super easy and worth the smallest amount of effort if you are a cream cheese eater!! Place a full 1kg of full fat plain organic yoghurt into a muslin or cheesecloth.
Tie the edges around a wooden spoon or long tongs and let it hang over a large bowl (ensuring it is not sitting in the liquid). Leave the yoghurt to strain out the whey (don’t throw the whey away – store this in the fridge and use for fermentation or adding culture to foods) from 12-24 hours, it will probably have more than halved its size when you take it out.
What is left is a delicious, healthy cream cheese without all of the nasties that go into store bought stuff!!
Note: Two 1kg punnets should yield roughly 700g cream cheese.