Anxiety Tetanic Rings – Sclerology

Although this marking is considered in Iridology, we do incorporate a brief assessment of the iris within our Sclerology consultations to explain the persons constitutional makeup and provide a better and more holistic understanding of the clients body chemistry, with particular tendencies to weakness. ‘Anxiety Tetanic Rings’ are the rings you see here running around the pupil, in the colour part of the iris. They show a tendency in the person to create a heightened level of stress in their lives, and by doing so, often suffer from anxiety. They are commonly driven and ambitious, often taking on more than they can handle.

They can be uniform or irregular, both explaining different tendencies of ones personality. In this iris, the rings are uniform showing us that this person is very organised and orderly, where everything has a place. It is important for a person with this constitution to learn to acknowledge and let go of their stress and anxiety, although this is easier said than done. Yoga and meditation are great tools in practicing a calm mind, and to allowing oneself to relax. Often we see an abundance of emotional stress lines throughout all quadrants on the surface level of the sclera in conjunction with this constitutional marking.