Connective Tissue Breakdown – Sclerology

Connective tissue breakdown Sclerology markings are most often located in the lateral, medial and lower quadrants, and is identified as multiple very fine hair-like parallel lines. This marking is often associated with chronic degenerative diseases, and is an indication of advanced breakdown of collagen and connective tissue within the body. It can give an indication of low functioning organs, diminishing senses, and insufficiency within normal detoxification pathways leading to increased buildup of toxic material within cells and organs.

In advanced metabolic disease circumstances, many normal processes break down, organs function at a significantly reduced capacity, vision, hearing, balance, taste and appetite begin to diminish, and the body’s natural detoxification and elimination pathways are dramatically hindered, causing toxic materials to build up within the body. This in turn promotes a flourishing environment for parasites and opportunistic bacteria to thrive in, adding to to ones overall negative state of health.

A whole body approach to drastic health and lifestyle changes and support are recommended. Some wonderful supplements to support detoxication, nutrient replenishment and parasite treatments are listed below, however these cases would strongly benefit from close work with a practitioner for individualised treatment plans.

Parasite Cleanse
Vitamin C
Rosita Cod Liver Oil

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