Endocrine Insufficiency – Sclerology

This sclera image is of a left lower quadrant, with the area of the uterus (located at 12:40 o’clock) being the focus. This area includes the uterus & cervix in females (prostate & scrotum in men), and bladder. This area is heavily congested, with many different kinds of Sclerology markings and very strong parasitic involvement. There is also an adjoining line coming from the thyroid (located in the medial quadrant) through to the uterus, which indicates endocrine immune compromise and a lowered function in both of these organs.

These sorts of markings are often indicative of some form of active, or forming, endocrine dis-ease. Symptoms associated with endocrine insufficiency may include hair loss, foggy brain, poor memory, decreased libido, PMS, painful and irregular menses, mood swings, and fatigue. This particular client had been medically diagnosed with endometriosis. However, as you can see by the colour (acidity) and fading of the lines in this area, healing has occurred.