Healing – Sclerology

When the body heals itself, or surgery takes place, the lines or markings showing the congested area of the body in the sclera will also fade, eventually disappearing. The only Sclerology markings that will not fade that have been present in your sclera from a very young age (of around 6 months) are primary lines. Primary lines are indications of our body’s inherited genetic tendencies. These lines will show in different areas of the sclera and relate to tendencies to weakness in certain organs or systems.

Healing of a marking in the sclera can occur both slowly and over time, as well as rapidly in a short space of time. We often see healing halfway along a line where a specific marking may be present if surgery has taken place, with the rest of the line fading over time. In most circumstances of healing though, the lines will usually begin to fade from the end that is closest to the iris. In ‘drug imbedment’ lines, we often see the straight line beside the squiggly line begin to fade first.