Labyrinth (Fungi) – Sclerology

The ‘labyrinth’ Sclerology marking in this lateral sclera image may be difficult to see with an untrained eye, however, once you have identified it it should jump right out at you! The labyrinth marking is an indication of systemic fungal infection, and can show involvement of up to six different types of fungi. It appears as its name suggest, a labyrinth-like structure – in this image it is located half-way along multiple lines (viral lines) extending from the upper left and is situated just to the left of the upper middle of the sclera. It is currently in early stages, so is not so convoluted and twisted just yet, rather shaped more like a half-moon and squiggle. As the fungal infection advances, this marking will become more labyrinth-like.

Correct diet with plenty of raw garlic, a reduction in sugar and alcohol intake, and a series of worm and parasite cleanses would be most effective in killing off this fungal infection and seeing the line retreat.