Bordered Meander (Vascular Degeneration) – Sclerology

This Sclerology marking indicates congestion, hardening, thickening, loss of elasticity, and degeneration of vascular walls and possibly heart valves. The medical terms ‘artherosclerosis’ and ‘arteriosclerosis’ can both be applied in this instance, with the client being diagnosed with such conditions by a medical practitioner. The thicker and more convoluted the ‘snake’ part of the sign, potentially the worse the condition. In some cases, this sign can involve substance abuse of some kind, however that is not always the case. Correct diet, heart food and garlic supplementation may see an improvement in these signs.
It is worth noting the quite advanced pterygium that has developed onto and over part of the iris, with multiple feeder vessels – this may be reversed with correct diet and liver support, and would not require surgical intervention in this circumstance.