The Perpendicular – Sclerology

The Perpendicular Sclerology marking is a sign that shows trauma, from either cyst, tumour or physical injury, and is represented as one line joining another – usually from the in- or outside of a semi-circular line. This sign often appears in the uterine and testicular areas, usually present in clients suffering from neoplastic testicular/prostate involvement or cystic ovaries. Some people’s bodies just like to make cysts/tumours, more often than not though they are benign. It is important to look for additional signs that may explain the type of cyst/tumour and other possible related health problems to get a more accurate understanding of the body’s current state of health.

To the right of the lower quadrant in the below eye is a Perpendicular located in the prostate.  This Perpendicular line is also very obviously thickening toward the iris – which may represent a sign of active neoplasm. It is also important to note that there are worm/parasite pockets and bacteria present in this area, which are very common with this sign.