Hemp is an incredibly versatile ‘super’ plant that can be used for paper, clothing, rope, building materials and much, much more .. But, probably its most powerful use is that in health and nutrition.

Hemp is an ancient source of nutrients and is one of very few plant based complete proteins, containing all 21 amino acids and 9 essential amino acids in adequate amounts makes it the most complete protein in the plant kingdom. The protein found in hemp is 65% Edestin, a globular protein which resembles that found in our body, making it highly bio-available. This is of great interest to our vegan friends, who, without consumption of animal products, must eat a range of complementary proteins to receive a full spectrum of amino acids that our bodies require to build protein (this is where hemp steps in!). Hemp is high in sulfur containing amino acids – methionine and cysteine, which are necessary for cellular detoxification and the production of vital enzymes. Hemp is also a rich source of branch chain amino acids, required for muscle repair and growth, as well as an optimal ratio of omega-3 & omega-6 (GLA) essential fatty acids, and omega-9. These all play a critical role in reducing inflammation within the body and balancing hormone levels.

Hemp protein is readily and easily absorbed into the bloodstream unlike many other protein sources, where it is also utilised in DNA repair. Hemp also contains a vast array of extremely beneficial phytochemicals, and essential vitamins and minerals.

Hemp comes in many forms – hulled seeds, protein powder and oil, and is very easy to incorporate into your meals. Whether it be a hemp protein shake, sprinkling the seeds in a salad or adding the oil to a smoothie or dressing, the benefits are phenomenal. You can also utilise hemp externally, in face and body scrubs which promotes healthy skin, hair and nails.

Please note: Current Australian legislation prohibits the sale of hemp products as food within Australia, however, this legislation is currently under review. You can purchase hemp products from most health food stores, it is sold for ‘external use only’.