Bitot’s Spot – Sclerology

A ‘Bitot’s Spot’ Sclerology marking is a sign of vitamin A deficiency and appears medially and laterally toward the border of the iris as a superficial, opaque, foamy patch in the conjunctiva. Common signs & symptoms of vitamin A deficiency are dry eyes, night blindness, dry skin, dry brittle hair, and are common in people with fat and vitamin malabsorption such as coeliac disease.

Depending on your liver function, either an animal or plant based vitamin A supplement or food source would be recommended. Foods high in vitamin A (especially beta-carotene) are lemongrass, carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin, red capsicum, liver, eggs and cod liver oil. Once this has been incorporated into the diet, the sclera gel will become more fluid, moist and less irritated and itchy, and the Bitot’s Spot will reduce in size and eventually disappear.

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