Viral Lines – Sclerology

‘Viral lines’ Sclerology marking present as two or three fine, mostly straightish, lines in the sclera. The above sclera image of a right medial quadrant has many viral lines showing in the conjunctiva. They can be currently active, past, or laying dormant, having not yet begun their attack on the hosts immune system! This sign is not to be confused with the similar ‘Uneven Parallel‘ marking (related to fatty build-up in the arteries), which differs slightly by presenting one line thicker than the other.

Viruses are the smallest intracellular pathogens medically recognised, and, having no organised cellular structures, must penetrate a susceptible living cell in order to replicate. This sign is both topolabile and topostabile, meaning it may or may not be directly related to the organ or system the marking is showing in within the sclera. Reduction in stress, a healthy diet with the incorporation of raw garlic, as well as possible supplementation such as colloidal silver will aid your body’s immune system in fighting off the virus. Once your body has rid itself of the virus, or viruses, the viral lines will also disappear from the sclera.