Melanin – Sclerology

This right lateral sclera image shows melanin pigment, the brownish coloured ‘splotch’ you can see in the sclera. This Sclerology marking is common as a pigmentation spot in a person with darker skin and brown/hazel eyes, representing a genetic predisposition to liver dysfunction. However it does not present the same pathological circumstance as when the melanin sign appears in a blue eyed, fairer skinned person, which is more important/consequential.

When the melanin is located close to the iris, it shows mild to moderate liver hardening with associated bacterial infection. When located in an area/s away from the iris, it represents more severe hardening of liver tissue, with sugar system involvement. A substantial diet and lifestyle change, with ongoing liver cleansing and support, is necessary in this circumstance to avoid the condition and sign worsening over time.

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