Parasites & Worms – Sclerology

The above sclera image shows a very distinct parasite Sclerology marking – a Protozoa to be specific. The line (in the left of the sclera) is very red and acidic and is shaped like a hook. Attached to this  ‘hook’ are multiple enclosed spaces (circles or boxes) which is also an indicator that worms and parasites are present in the body. Parasites play a major role in the disease process, and can be detectable in many different signs within the sclera and the body. Many parasites, worms and viruses are polymorphic – which means they adapt very well to their environment. Some can play a beneficial role within the body when living in healthy, oxygenated tissue, but are also able to take on a negative form, attacking the body and increasing acidity and toxicity levels when their environment is mouldy or necrotic. With correct nutrition and a strict worm and parasite cleanse, these can be addressed and expelled from the body, with the lines eventually fading away.